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Tuya hexagonal lights for gaming room controlled through mobile phone for smart life(6 pack)

Tuya hexagonal lights for gaming room controlled through mobile phone for smart life(6 pack)

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Data sheet

Power:          DC5V/2A 

Name:         Tuya Smart WiFi Hexagon Light

Material:       ABS

Color:       RGBIC 16 Million Colors  

Watts:     1.2W per Piece       

Working temperature:    -20°C~60°C
Voice Control:                        Amazon Alexa and Google Home
Mobile application:               Tuya Smart or Smart Life
Suitable for:                           Wall and Mobile
Communication Protocol:      Wifi IEEE 802.11 b/n/g 2.4GHz

1 set includes: 6 hex lights, 1 controller ,1 remote, 1 USB-DC cable, 1 stand, 8 pads adhensive, 6 USB connectors, 1 user's manual, 10 triangle fasteners

Tuya smart hexagonal lights packing in 6 pack

                                         The parts included in a set.

Tuya WIFI RGBIC Decorative LED Hexagonal Modular Lights

Tuya hexagon light panels , makes it possible for you to quickly and easily build a variety of patterns, transforming your gaming room in a brilliant and joyful place.

Smart control

When use the hexagonal wall lights, you will have the ability to control your hexagonal led lights through WiFi network anywhere in the world using Tuya Smat or Smart Life apps .

The smart hexagon lights work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant , you can set your own mode by talk to Alexa or Google assistant to change the colors and brightness, also for the time setting which depends on different scenes.

Great features

The lights are using RGBIC technology with up to 16 million colors and 70 dynamic effects for smooth and blended colors. The sync mode of music can make each light dance to the rythm of the songs, bringing you an immersive experience.

Create your own unique shape

By combining the LED hexagon lights, you can create the most beautiful shapes as one honeycomb structure for seamless connection, you can create a form of lighting personalized for gaming room, living room, bedroom and other wall decoration artwork.

Also excellent for making special shapes for a marriage proposal or as a gift.

Portable design

Come with the base to stand alone, lightweight for carrying to outdoor party, wedding, camping and other places,

it is a perfect ambient light for tents and RVs.

Use a power bank to supply power to the lights you can carry the lights everywhere you like.

Smart life

Through your smartphone settings, they can turn on automatically to welcome you home or " Alexa, turn on the sconces for me ", not only sconces, but also wall art. A good helper for furniture that creates an atmosphere and lights up your child's night.

Remote control functions

4 static modes, 21 dynamic modes, 4 custom switches, 4 music modes (energy, rhythm, spectrum, roll)

Quality and reliability

Lifetime of the lights up to 50,000 hours, for guaranteed quality, ensure the best using experience.

USB powered

You can power your trendy smart hexagon lights from one end by connecting them to a battery bank, a pc or usb adapter (with an output of 5 v-2 a). for lighting, use the tuya smart or smart life app, the tuya controller or remote control to turn on the lights .

Installation instructions

  • Prepare a model layout plan in advance or pre-fabricate the model on the desktop and define the position of the drive control line input.
  • Remove the protective paper on one side of the non-marking double-sided adhesive, paste the double-sided adhesive in the center of the back of the module, and remove the protective paper on the other side of the non-marking adhesive before installation. (This step is omitted for desktop installation)
  • First locate the drive control line input module, then insert the fitting end (NEXT end) facing the arrow into the cascade module and insert the "PRE" end of the fitting into the previous module according to the sequence of the modeling plan to complete the installation.
  • Insert the USB end of the drive control line into the first module, then connect the other end of the drive control line to any signal output port corresponding to the pickup, and power the power supply to complete the installation.




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Care Instructions

read the users manual before use.

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Customer Reviews

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Micheal Trump
wonderful product! excellent service!

My first order from tehoi really supprised me. the lights are nice and the service is great.
I put the lights in my gaming room, they work perfect when I play games. The lights are shining with the music. So great!